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Knights Environmentally Preferred Cleaning Products & Procedures

A modest word about Knight Marketing Enterprises

Our products are Building Cleaning Supplies and Products for Sanitation but our chief stock in trade is reliability. Our first aim is to bring our customers the integrity of our management and that of the members of our organization. We make and sell only quality products. We know through our rigid testing that each will do the job it is supposed to do. We want you to be satisfied. If at any time you are not, we offer you this guarantee:

All Knight Marketing products and equipment are unconditionally guaranteed against defective materials. We will gladly and speedily replace any defective item, or refund the purchase price.

Dependability: We keep our promises. Deliveries as far as is humanly possible are made as promised.

We are proud to be the fastest growing company in our field.

Your confidence in us is our strength.

Knight Marketing Enterprises is part of Envoy Solutions company, a specialized distributor and solution provider in jan-san, foodservice, packaging, and marketing execution.